Party dress rental

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Functional requirements for clothing.

1. Ergonomic requirements.

Ergonomic requirements for party dress rental related to the physiological, anthropometric and other features of a person. Clothing should be comfortable and create a feeling of comfort, it should not tire and cause a decrease in performance.

2. Anthropometric requirements.

party dress rental must correspond to the height, size, completeness of the buyer. Clothes should be convenient to take off, put on, fasten, iron, resize, etc. Of great importance in clothes is the degree of freedom of fitting a piece to a product, it is provided with appropriate values ​​of allowances or allowances.

3. Hygiene requirements of party dress rental.

Hygienic requirements include: heat, hygroscopicity, vapor and air permeability, water resistance.

4. Aesthetic requirements.

party dress rental must match the modern style and fashion.

Style is a historically established stable system of means and methods of artistic expression. Features of the Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, Rococo are reflected in the form, size, color, proportions. Style reflects the nature of the era, its artistic taste and determines the changes in the forms of everyday objects and clothing.

5. Reliability of clothing.

Reliability in operation is an important consumer property party dress rental. During operation, quality indicators should not change dramatically over a certain period of time (service life of clothing). The reliability of clothing is associated with partial or complete loss or change in the utilitarian and aesthetic properties of the garment. Reliability of clothing is a complex property consisting of elements such as reliability, maintainability, durability, etc.

6. Product safety is a property of party dress rental that ensures the absence of unacceptable risk associated with causing harm to human life, health, and property. It is determined by harmlessness – the absence of excretion of substances harmful to the body (toxic, pathogenic microorganisms, allergic action), electrified materials.